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Welcome to the TreeSnatcher Plus tutorials.


All images in the tutorials are used for educational purposes only. They are copyrighted by their respective owners. All images were obtained using the Google image search engine. If you are the owner of an image and wish it to be removed from our website or the tutorials, please inform us. The icon was modified from http://www.ukgermanconnection.org/kids/...forest.jpg.

Tutorial 1     Overview of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and all activities
Tutorial 2     Material     Idea, challenge, and strategy
Tutorial 3     Material     First preprocessing steps
Tutorial 4     Material     Manipulation of existing trees
Tutorial 5     Material     Special topology issues
Tutorial 6     Material     Treatment of complicated images
The Last Tutorial     Phylogenies are everywhere

Snapshot 1     Rectangular tree 1
Snapshot 2     Rectangular tree 2
Snapshot 3     Rectangular tree 3
Snapshot 4     Rectangular tree 4
Snapshot 5     Rectangular tree 5
Snapshot 6     Rectangular tree 6
Snapshot 7     Freeform tree 1
Snapshot 8     Freeform tree 2
Snapshot 9     Freeform tree 3
Snapshot 10     A colorful image
Snapshot 11     Topology that requires a small look-ahead value
Snapshot 12     A nice rectangular tree
Snapshot 13     A matter of seconds
Snapshot 14     A rectangular tree with less sharp bends
Snapshot 15     Here TreeSnatcher cannot recognize branch segments yet
Snapshot 16     A tree with many redundant pixels
Snapshot 17     A rectangular tree with an interesting topology

TreeSnatcher Plus is a non-profit project. It is published under the GNU General Public License.
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