Our research interest is the integration of different areas of expertise to answer important biological questions. A special focus lies on the reconstruction of evolutionary history, especially, the development of phylogenetic methods and complex models and their application to large and complex datasets. Refer to the Research section for more details.

Seminar - Monday July 23rd, 2018 at 15.00

Venta TERAUDS, University of Tasmania, Australia

"Maximum likelihood distance for circular genomes"


The calculation of evolutionary distance via models of genome rearrangement has an inherent combinatorial complexity. Various algorithms and estimators have been used to address this, however many of these set quite specific conditions for the underlying model.

We discuss a technique which applies representation theory to calculate evolutionary distance between circular genomes as a maximum likelihood estimate. This technique may be applied to models with any choice of rearrangements and relative probabilities thereof. We give the results of some initial calculations for genomes with up to 11 regions, for several models, and compare these with minimum distances.


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