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   Max F. Perutz Laboratories
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   Deep Metazoan Phylogeny
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VU Applied Bioinformatics (ABI, WS 2016/17)

General Information:

  • Code: 050062 VU
  • Semester: Semester 3
  • Length: 4 hours, 6 ECTS
  • Examination immanent course
  • Instructors: Heiko Schmidt (HAS), Philipp Rescheneder (PR), Miguel Gallach (MG), Arndt von Haeseler (AvH), Tutor: NN
  • Contact: Heiko Schmidt
  • Meeting/Vorbesprechung: 6.10.2016, 14:10-14:30 (Location: Seminarraum Strukturchemie, Ebene 1, Campus Vienna Biocenter 5 [VBC5], 1030 Wien)
  • Period/Zeitraum: Mon 6.2. - Fri 10.2.2017, full days starting 9:30
  • Location/Ort: IT training room, 6th floor, Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9, 1030 Vienna
  • General Info: online course catalog


Tentative schedule:


  • Submission deadline for the protocol will be announced during the course.

List of exercises

The lists of exercises can be found below During the course. (Will be Updated Regularly During the course).

  • exercises: PDF

Literature and additional information


The evaluation of the event is expected to occur by the following assessment:

  • You will submit a protocol about the exercises (in one PDF)
    • Each of the chapters is evaluated and graded separately.
    • For each task should be made ​​clear how and why the task has been solved. Based on this description, it should be possible to 're-cook' and interpret the solutions. For this purpose scripts, URLs, parameters, figures, tables and references may have to be inserted.
    • To each of the chapters (a) an introduction at the beginning and (b) a discussion at the end have to be added. (a) In the Introduction section you have to provide the background information and the (biological and experimental) aims to understand the experiments/analyses done and (b) in the discussion section you summarize the general results of the chapter. Furthermore, you critically discuss interpretations and possible problems in the chapter. (This is not about as much to write, or to repeat the results from the middle part again, but the main results and problems in the context of the introduction, i.e., the Big Picture to discuss.)
    • The protocol should be written in a way, such that the reader can understand the protocol without needing the exercise sheet. That means, both the tasks (possibly in abbreviated form in your own account or words) should be included and the numbering from the tasks in the exercise handout has to be kept unchanged.

(Password will be announced in class)

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