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A novel method, PhyNav, is introduced to reconstruct the evolutionary relationship among contemporary species based on their genetic data. The key idea is the definition of so-called minimal k-distance subsets which has fewer sequences but contains most relevant phylogenetic information from the whole dataset. For this reduced subset the subtree is created faster and serves as a scaffold to construct the full tree. Because many minimal subsets exist the procedure is repeated several times and the best tree with respect to some optimality criterion is considered as the inferred phylogenetic tree. PhyNav gives encouraging results compared to other programs on both simulated and real datasets.


The method is described in detail in the following article:
  • Le Sy Vinh, Heiko A. Schmidt and Arndt von Haeseler, PhyNav: A novel approach to reconstruct large phylogenies, proceedings of GfKl conference, 2004.


  • Please, let us know if you download this program by sending an email to {vinh, hschmidt, haeseler}@cs.uni-duesseldorf.de

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