Welcome to PDA - Phylogenetic Diversity Analyzer!

a software tool for Biodiversity Analysis and Conservation Prioritization Problems

PDA supports the following Conservation Prioritization Problems

Target: Taxa

  1. Taxon Selection Problem
  2. Viable Taxon Selection
  3. Budgeted Taxon Selection

Target: Area

  1. Reserve Selection Problem
  2. Budgeted Reserve Selection


The latest PDA release version 1.0.3 (November 26, 2015)

Online Web Service

PDA web server for online computations.
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O. Chernomor, B.Q. Minh, F. Forest, S. Klaere, T. Ingram, M. Henzinger, and A. von Haeseler (2015) Split diversity in constrained conservation prioritization using integer linear programming. Methods Ecol. Evol., 6, 83-91. DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12299

Credits and Acknowledgements


PDA was partially funded by the Austrian Science Fund - FWF (grant no. I760-B17 from 2012-2015) and the University of Vienna (Initiativkolleg I059-N).