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Welcome to NextGen* - The Workbench for your Next Generation Sequencing analysis


NG* was designed to help Biologists and Bioinformatition investigating their Next Generation Sequencing Data. Given NG* you can not just analyze your existing data set, furthermore it helps to design your pipeline.

NG* exits of the following programs:



  • Some programs require a CUDA able graphics card (here is the list of all usable graphic cards CUDA Cards
  • A Linux operating system
  • A PC with at least 2 GB of memory

Latest Version NextGen* 0.0.1 (14th December 2010):

  • Please read the User Manual carefully before using NextGen* the first time or when you upgrade the new version!!



  • Source package for Linux are available in gzipped TAR format. The current version of NextGen* is just tested and released under Linux. Further versions will also be available under Windows and Macs.
Type Links
Source code NG.tar.gz
All-in-one binary release NG.gz


The method is described in details in the following articles:
  • Please, let us know if you download this program by sending an email to {fritz.sedlazeck,arndt.von.haeseler}@univie.ac.at

Printable version of: http://www.cibiv.at/software/ngm/index.shtml

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