Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna
Max F. Perutz Laboratories
Dr. Bohr Gasse 9
A-1030 Vienna, Austria
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   Max F. Perutz Laboratories
   University of Vienna
   Medical University, Vienna

   Deep Metazoan Phylogeny
   MaBS group
   Max Perutz Library

Services and Databases Maintained at CIBIV

  • FACT
    A Feature Architecture Comparison Tool to search for functionally equivalent proteins.
    FACT is accessible at www.cibiv.at/FACT.

  • HaMSTR
    HaMSTR is a Hidden Markov Model based search tool to screen EST sequence data for the presence of putative orthologs to a pre-defined set of genes.
    HaMSTR is accessible at www.deep-phylogeny.org/hamstr.

  • HvrBase
    A compilation of human and ape mtDNA control region sequences.
    HvrBase is accessible at www.hvrbase.org and www.hvrbase.de.

  • HOINVGEN (in collaboration with PBIL, Lyon)
    A database of homologous invertebrate genes, structured under the ACNUC sequence database management system.
    HOINVGEN is accessible at http://pbil.univ-lyon1.fr/databases/hoinvgen/HOINVGEN.html.

  • TBPT Explorer
    A tool to visually analyze TonB-dependent transporters and their occurrence in cyanobacteria.
    The TBDT Explorer is accessible at www.cibiv.at/TBDT.

  • Web-PDA
    A user-friendly web-interface to the PDA program to analyze phylogenetic diversity based on trees or networks.
    Web-PDA is accessible at www.cibiv.at/software/pda/web-pda.

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