Zoom in and out:Mouse Wheel or keys 'x' and 'z'
Move the viewing areaUse the arrow keys or press the right mouse button and drag
Reset view:Press the 'r' key
Select a cluster for download:Click with the left mouse button on one of its members
Unselect a cluster:Press the 'u' key
Search for a species or a specific cluster:Press the 's' key. A new window with a search box will appear. Start typing to get suggestions.


Every dot represents a presumed bacterial TonB-dependent transporter detected via computational methods. The relative position of the dots corresponds to their pairwise sequence similarity, with highly similar sequences being positioned closely to each other.
Transporters for which we found infromations about their substrates in the literature are highlighted in orange (experimentally confirmed) or dark red (predicted).
To get information about a transporter, place the mouse pointer on its dot. The dot will turn yellow and species name, the GenBank ID of the amino acid sequence and the cluster number according to our definition (see publication) will be displayed in the info area on the left side. Other transporters with a high sequence similarity and which therefore presumably recognize the same substrate will be highlighted in red.
To download all sequences of one cluster, click on one of its members with the left mouse button. All members of the selected cluster will be shown in dark green, light green or cyan. The latter two mark transporters with experimentally predicted or confirmed substrates, respectively. Simultaneously a download button will appear.

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